What Is Bulking and How can you Benefit it in 2019

Understanding the terms related to bodybuilding can be quite a hassle for an average joe. Not all of us are familiar with the gymming terms and it can be quite embarrassing in front of your friends if you don’t have a basic idea. This is where we come in. Today we’re going to provide you with vital information on Bulking and how it affects the health.

So, without any further ado, let’s just get into it.


what is bulking

First of all, you should understand the difference between muscle mass and fat. There is a widespread misconception that bulking and mass gaining is the same thing but it is not quite right.

Bulking isn’t about building as much muscle as possible, it’s actually about gaining weight with a bulking cycle. Bulking cycles are generally started in winter and people can gain a good amount of weight with it.

Types of Bulking

There are generally two ways to achieve a bulky physique. These are explained below:

 Healthy  Bulk

A Healthy or clean bulk can be performed by adding ‘clean’ calories to your body. It means you need to include a really healthy diet while bulking. Weight can generally be gained with fatty and oily food but when you are doing a clean bulk. You don’t want to add that unhealthy stuff in your body.

The types of food that you use while doing a clean bulk is similar to that of your cutting (or weight losing) diet. The only difference being, you take an excess of healthy foods. A clean bulk is necessary when you want to add a lean muscle mass to your body. All the nutrients will be available to you making your overall physique healthy.

Unhealthy Bulk

The Unhealthy or dirty bulk contradicts the clean bulk. It refers to adding extra calories to your body that mainly come from highly fatty and oily food. This bulking can be perfect for people who’re unusually thin. People can also use it as an excuse for ‘weight gain’, as you can basically eat anything you want while on a dirty bulk diet. Chocolates, Cakes, Fatty foods, beverages, literally everything can be eaten.

It isn’t that great though. Severe health problems can be encountered when you’re on an unhealthy bulk. Eating disorders are prevalent when you’re on a dirty bulk diet for a long period of time. The safest way to follow this bulking strategy is to stop the bulking as soon as you get to your target weight.

Which bulking method is better?

bulking food

Well, these two methods are both important and they both have their specific target audience. If you already have a good body and you just want to add a bit of weight for say, sports or something then, you can go for a clean bulk. If you’re a really thin guy, however, it’s better to stick with the unhealthy bulk albeit with much-needed precautions.

Tricks for bulking!

Here are some tricks that you can follow to help you with your bulking:

  • When you’re first starting out, note down your base weight and once you start bulking, keep tracking your progress. This will keep you motivated.
  • Eat plenty of calories throughout the day. Don’t waste your calories in high labor. Just keep the physical activities to a minimum.
  • There is, however, a counter method that includes light cardio. The argument is that doing cardio will make you hungry so, you’ll be able to consume more calories. Make sure you stick to a 20 to 30-minute cardio. A cardio exercise can consist of treadmills, skipping, crunches etc. Don’t overdo it. The balance is the key here.
  • Protein is a must. Whether you’re doing dirty or clean bulking, you need to consume a really hefty amount of protein.
  • Have a proper rest. Sleep for more than 8 hours, try to minimize stress, meditate if possible.
  • After you workout, eat plenty of calories. You can eat food items that consist carbohydrates and protein to as a post-workout meal.
  • Protein supplements like Creatine can also be used to assist with your growth. There are some genetic factors in place that might be against you so, a boost from a well-recognized supplement can be a good thing.
  • If you want to clean bulk the, don’t eat processed and junk food. No pizza and burgers for you. On the contrary, if you’re the one who wants to do a dirty bulk, then yes, you can surely eat all the junk food in the world.



Well, there you have it guys. These are the basics of bulking. You have two ways to bulk up. According to your individual needs, you can select one method. The main thing here is motivation. You should be motivated to eat and exercise if you want to gain a really good amount of muscle.

The tricks we’ve provided you don’t work automatically. You need to put in the effort from your side. if you do that, these tips and tricks will certainly help you.

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