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TestoGen Testosterone Booster Reviews (2019) Results & Testimonials

TestoGen Review: As we grow older, the testosterone levels in men are depleted. When the level of testosterone is decreased significantly, then your performance level decreases significantly in all physical activities.

This is where a testosterone booster comes in, these boosters are medically approved supplements that help you by charging your testosterone levels.

Testogen is one such product. In this article, we’re going to see all the plus points of Testogen and review the product in detail.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a very natural supplement with a minimum side effect that can be used to increase your level of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that makes men manly. All the physical attributes of a man are linked to testosterone in the body.


Who makes Testogen? Is the company trustworthy?

A South African company called Advanced Health Ltd. Can be attributed to Testogen. Currently, another company heads the Testogen brand. The Wolfson Berg Limited is the owner and it leaves no stones unturned for a really good product. So, obviously, the product Testogen is 100% legal and safe.

It is rather difficult to judge a company’s trustworthiness but if we take the customer satisfaction into account, we can see that Testogen is a really trustworthy company. There are various Testimonials all around the internet explaining how the results are pretty real from Testogen.

What happens when Testosterone is low?

If you are a male and your testosterone production is low then you might face issues such as:

  • Minimized focus and concentration 
  • Low libido and mojo
  • Excessive body fat and Increased cholesterol
  • No motivation
  • Less energy for physical activities

What are the benefits of Testogen?

Testogen has a lot of benefits. Some of them are given below:

Strength: Testogen Increases the strength of your body. The muscle sizes are increased which helps you perform better in the gym, sports, and other physical activities.

Focus: With increased testosterone, you can focus on your work and your studies better. Your mental focus increases exponentially with Testogen.

Active: Testosterone makes you feel manly and not tired. When you have Testogen, your tiredness goes away and you can do your work properly. The stamina while having sex increases too.

Fitness: People with low Testosterone tend to suffer from fat accumulation. Testogen can help you with losing that belly fat.

How does Testogen Work?

how does testogen work

Testogen Works by filling the gap between a balanced diet and testosterone secretion. A balanced diet solely cannot result in proper testosterone release from the body. You need some external trigger to release testosterone and Testogen is that trigger.

It actually works by binding to a protein in the body called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. When the protein is bound,  it becomes less powerful. When the secretion of SHBG is slow and less, more testosterone is released by the body. In contrast, Testogen also decreases Estrogen, which is a female sex hormone present in the male. The enzyme that produces estrogen tries to reduce testosterone and Testogen works against it, thus it provides an excellent testosterone level in your body.

A life without ample testosterone is a really depressing life. With Testogen, you can change the whole deal. It is the best way to boost the testosterone level. The Testogen has a really good combination of ingredients. These ingredients work 24 x 7. It restores stamina as well. All the items present in Testogen are really safe as well. These ingredients are also good for overall health.

The unique blend of ingredients that Testogen consist also help you a lot.  Let us now see the ingredients that the product contains and why these ingredients are individually good for you.

Ingredients of Testogen

testogen ingreients

An extra D3 level, more magnesium, and boron. In addition, an ample amount of Zinc and Vitamin B6, Bioperine etc boost the working duration of the ingredient.

The ingredients of Testogen are almost natural and they’re explained below:

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 works best with D Aspartic Acid. When both of these ingredients are combined, it results in an increase in testosterone level in men. It is an amino acid and Testogen has an ample amount of Vitamin 6 as the primary ingredient.

D Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic is an Amino acid that has many features inside the body. This ingredient helps to produce testosterone hormone and act as a testosterone booster. The ingredient also doesn’t have any side effects. [1]


Fenugreek is a plant that has been used in herbal medicine for quite a while now. Seed is the most important part of the fenugreek plant. Many drugs have fenugreek seeds as main ingredients. Testogen is the best example of a fenugreek medicine that works seamlessly. [2]


Zinc is another natural ingredient of Testogen. It is a mineral that is needed in a small amount. Many enzymes are regulated by zinc and food items like lobsters, oysters etc have a significant amount of zinc.

Tribulus Terrestis

This ingredient is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps to boost the testosterone level in the body. tribulus Terrestis is a vital ingredient for Testogen.


Detoxifying the toxins in the body is also one of the main features of Testogen and Selenium is a prime detoxifier. The ingredient regulates the hormones and it is an antioxidant as well.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is one of the best-known herbs hailing from Asia. It is a natural ingredient and this extract can be used to increase the testosterone level in the body and thus it is included in Testogen. [3]


Vitamin D is very important to humans, Cholecalciferol is a Vitamin D enriched ingredient. The job that it does is to reduce the secretion of estrogen which automatically helps to boost testosterone.


Magnesium is an artificial ingredient which is responsible for low SHBG therefore, Testogen makes use of this ingredient in a proper ratio.


Just like Magnesium, boron is another artificial ingredient which is a recent formula that can boost testosterone in a rapid way.


It is basically a black pepper extract. Bioperine is produced by the Sabinsa Corp. It is included in the Testogen Supplement because it helps to absorb other ingredients taking the testosterone boosting property even further.

Nettle Root Extract

Nettle Root Extract is an ingredient included to lower SHBG level. This helps to create more testosterone and help you.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Testogen

As with anything, Testogen also has its own set of pros and cons. let’s see what the advantages of the product are and what flaws are in place for you.


Proven Formula: The formula for Testogen is tested, it has a scientific backup and the product is approved by some laboratory.

Natural: More than 90 percent of the ingredients in Testogen are all natural. The artificial ingredients present here are also not really harmful. This well-balanced mixture of ingredients let you have boosted testosterone level without any side effects.

Libido, Strength, Activeness: Almost every advantage that you get from increased testosterone can be received from Testogen.

Muscles: Since testosterone helps with protein synthesis, it also helps to increase the muscle mass. Testogen along with all the


Availability: The product is only available on its official site which is a big letdown for people living in the area where delivery isn’t possible. You can’t get it on retail.

Pills per day: The dosage for the product is quite much and it also questions the price of the product. You need to take 4 pills a day so, a bottle won’t last you much thus the price increases as much as you use it.  The price is premium as well.

Minimum Testimonials: There are not many people that have reviewed this product. Therefore, the believing factor isn’t your best friend. There are a lot of people who say that the product works 100% but there are a few with minimum to zero testimonials which raises the questions.

Choice of Ingredients: While most of the ingredients are very good. There are a few odd ones like Vitamin K1 which seems fishy if you think about it.

Price & Testimonials

There are many pricing sectors of the product. As compared with other products, Testogen is pretty cheap, to say the least. There are many buy deals which will provide you with more of the product at a cheaper price.


There is also a ‘Buy 2 get one free’ scheme which is probably going to help you even more. In addition, shipping is completely free irrespective of your place of stay.

As we said earlier, You have to take 4 capsules in a day. You should take it with food throughout the day. As far as side effect goes, there are not many side effects from Testogen.

You can buy Testogen from its official website. There are many duplicate products in the market so, you should only buy the product from its original website.


Testogen is a proven combination of ingredients which is going to help your sexual health in addition to your physical well being.

If you are someone who constantly finds yourself being bored and with lesser stamina and motivation then, we recommend you to give Testogen a shot.

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