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Tips to Get Rid of Gynecomastia at Home in 2019

Gyno (also known as Gynecomastia) can be really embarrassing for men. No one wants to have a gyno body so, in this article we’re going to see the methods that you can use to get rid of gyno. But first, let’s see what a gyno actually is.

What is Gyno?

Speaking in terms of etymology, the word Gynecomastia has a Greek origin where Gynek implies a female and Mastia is the Greek word for breasts. So, it technically means “Female Breasts.” But what is wrong with female breasts? Nothing is wrong with it but imagine a man having them. Yes, that’s what Gyno is. In more modern linguistics, it is called “Man Boobs.”

what is gyno

Technically, Gynecomastia is the inflammation of tissues in breasts causing enlarged breasts in men. This medical condition is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Mainly estrogen and testosterone imbalance. If the imbalance of hormones occurs in a way that causes the secretion of Estrogens which are the female hormones more than androgens then, men can get gyno.

Also, infants can get gyno through blood transfusion. Gyno can occur in one or both the breasts. If it occurs in only one breast then, the size is imbalanced which causes many problems. If this condition is present in boys around the puberty time then, it is perfectly normal as there is a major hormone balance around that period.

male breast

Now you might be wondering, What about people who are fat? Well, that’s an entirely different matter. The condition of fat accumulation in breasts in case of obese men is called Lipomastia which is different from Gyno. Lipo can be present in the case of men who consume a lot of alcohol and take drugs.

Causes of Gyno

gynecomastia and it stages

The major causes of Gynon are medications. The causes are given below:

  • Antibiotics and Ulcer drugs like Tagamet and Zantac can cause gyno.
  • Alcohol, Marijuana, heroin are some of the major drugs that can result in gyno
  • Estrogen therapy and drugs which are antiandrogen
  • Therapy for HIV diseases, Chemotherapy and Medicine for hypertension

Other Causes include:

  • Kidney Problems/Failure
  • Tumors
  • Malnutrition
  • Old age
  • Hypogonadism

To diagnose Gyno, simple tests like testicular development and penile size measurement can be done. A person’s medical history and addictions can also tell Gyno. But to be absolutely sure, Mammography can be done, it is a radiologic examination of your tissues in male breasts. This is performed if cancer is suspected. If mammography doesn’t show you have gyno then, you don’t need to do other tests.

Symptoms  of Gyno

The symptoms of Gyno are given below:

  • Sudden enlargement of breasts is the first symptom you have.
  • There are can be an imbalance in the size of one of the breasts.
  • Since gyno is caused when testosterone decreases, old age can be a major factor that results in gyno.
  • Cancer can be prevalent in some people.
  • Your breasts can release fluids as well.


Gyno isn’t a serious condition and it will go automatically after some time. There are medicine and surgery available but don’t go for them unless you have a really fatal condition. Proper diet and exercising are enough to get rid of gyno. Changing your bad habits and addiction can help as well.

There are mainly 3 kinds of treatment you can do if you have gyno. These treatments will help you get rid of gyno once and for all.


The first treatment method is to pop some pills, the pills in question are Clomiphine, the treatment can take six months though. Other medications include Estrogen Receptor Modulating drugs like Tamoxifen and Raloxifene. Even inhibitors can be used in case of puberty gyno. Medication is probably the easiest treatment of gyno.


Surgery takes less time than medication but it can cost more. There are two kinds of surgery;  Liposuction to remove the fat in the breast and Mastectomy can help you remove the whole tissue, small incisions are made and mastectomy usually takes less time than Liposuction.


Exercise isn’t a sure shot method but it can help you considerably. Medication along with Exercise is the best way to get rid of gyno. There are certain exercises that will probably help you and they are explained below:

  • Cardio exercises are the best. What is cardio? The exercises that increase your heartbeat and pumps more blood. These exercises are: Walking, Running, Skipping, Cycling etc. You can do cardio every day for better results.
  • If you have a home pool or a subscription to a swimming pool then, swim every 2-3 days, you swim for half an hour
  • You can also get a rowing machine and use it 4-5 times a week. A 10-minute session is enough.

Remember, DON’T DO WEIGHTLIFTING! Lifting weight focuses on your chest and it can really be harmful to you when you have gyno.

gyno infographic guide


Gyno isn’t a serious condition, you can get rid of it easily with proper diet and exercise but if you have suspicions of breast cancer then consult a doctor and get a Surgery or medicate.




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