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How to Build Chest Muscles at Home in 2019

The chest is one of the most visible regions of a human body, it kind of makes the first impression of people. A healthy outlook of the chest will go a long way to provide you with confidence and swagger. There are a lot of ways to build good chest muscles.

A lot of the exercises work but it can be quite difficult to select the best one. There are many people who opt for gyms to develop a good set of chest muscle. You can certainly do that but if you want to build chest muscle from home, there are many ways too.

You don’t need any fancy equipment and a lot of money on protein shakes to build up your chest. In this article, we’re going over some of the basic things that you can do to effectively increase and build your chest muscle.

Biology of Chest Muscle

Build Chest Muscle

The first step to build muscle is to understand the muscle. The muscle we’re talking about is the “Pectoral Muscle.” The pectoral muscle is a set of 4 muscles from your arms through to your chest.  These muscles help you to push objects and a pushing motion can be used to build them.

The largest muscle, the actual muscle of the chest is one of the four pectoral muscles and it is appropriately titled “pectoralis major.”

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This muscle is the main part, the one you need to build. It is a large fan-shaped muscle which enables you to rotate and flex your arms. Therefore, you need to work on your upper arms to increase the chest muscle.

The pectoralis major is a large muscle and it can be divided into two parts; upper and lower halves. You can work on the individual halves through exercises. But what kind of exercises is perfect? Without any delay, let’s just get into it.

Exercises to build chest muscle

Push Ups

Push Ups are the best home based exercise for your chest. There are many kinds of push-ups which we have explained below:

  • The basic push up can be performed by everyone.
  • Crucifix Push up requires you to put your hands in a ‘crucifix’ position and then start the exercise.
  • Narrow push ups will require you to place your hands close and this exercise helps your triceps.
  • Incline push up implies using a slight incline for your chest while decline push-ups require you to use a chair or any other inclination to rest your feet.

Bench Press

You can do barbell bench presses if you have a barbell in your home or if you’re a gym goer. Since it is a weight lifting exercise, the barbell press will provide you a framework to increase strength, the muscle tear will occur when you lift and when the muscle stitches back after some time, it’s size will increase.(2)

Dumbell press

Dumbell press is considered one of the best exercises for chest. Get a dumbbell and start working out at home to build a solid chest muscle.(1)


You can perform dips at home, you just need an area where you can do the exercise. Dips will help you maintain the muscle you’ve built.(3)

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make!

Don’t make the following mistakes when you’re trying to build chest muscle:

Wrong Exercises: A lot of people lift heavyweights which are not targeted at chest muscle and then complain about slow results. You need to be smart with the exercises. Perform only the exercises that are focused on your chest to build it.

Diet:  A proper diet is very important to build muscles. Protein enriched food such as chicken breast, fish, egg white etc can be really helpful. Also, you need to consume a lot of proteins in a day. Make sure you have the ratio that helps you.

Tips to Build Chest

how to build a muscle

  • Consume more calories, go on a clean bulk diet and use a lot of protein. Eat frequently, throughout the day, before and after the workout and you’d be set.
  • Exercising is key, activities like Bench press, Dips, Squat, Pushups, Deadlifts etc can be very helpful to increase chest muscle.
  • While exercising, follow proper technique. Consult a trainer if you have to. Posture and correct reps are the keys.
  • Don’t overexert yourself. Take proper rest, muscles grow when you rest after a heavy workout.
  • The goals you set must be realistic. Don’t set the goals you can’t achieve. Aim low and gradually increase the goal. Staying motivated is vital.
  • Have patience. Muscles won’t grow overnight. Proper training is required for it. You can start to see improvements in a month or so.


Chest muscles can be grown, a lot of people have done it and so can you. Just stick to a routine, eat healthy food and you’ll start to see improvements.

There are a lot of ways to speed up the process like resting and keeping low goals for motivation but there are no shortcuts. Patience is the key.

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